Ground Mounting

  • Ramming Pile Groud Mount

    Ramming Pile Groud Mount

    The pile ground mounting system is ideal for uneven terrain, available in single or double post, can achieve east-west alignment, economical for large projects.

  • Aluminum Grand Mount

    Aluminum Grand Mount

    The Aluminum ground mounting system is highly anti-corrosion and the most aesthetic structure for groundmount installations
    Utilized AL6005-T6 material, the supporting footing is delivered with highest pre-assembly to unfold at site. Theoptimized design is carried out by experienced engineers to offer different ioints according to diferent siteconditions. it can use ground screw or concrete foundations, and achieve vanable inclination and height makesplant design flexible

  • Solar Agricultural Greenhouse

    Solar Agricultural Green House

    Solar Agricultural Green House utilizes the roof top for installing Solar PV Panels,which can generate electricity without affecting the normal growth of crops inside the green house.