VTracker System

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VTracker system adopts single-row multi-point drive design. In this system, two pieces of modules are verticalarrangement. lt can be used for all module specifications. Single-row can install up to 150 pieces, and columnnumber is smaller than other systems, great savings in civil construction costs.

Product Detail


1: This system ensures that the back of thebifacjalmodules is unobstructed,maximizespower generation.and is compatible with alcommercialPV modules on the market.
2: VG SOLAR patented structure design, eachrow uses 4 sets (peripheral : 5 sets) groovewheel drive.can quarantee the stability of thesystem operation in strong wind weather.
3: The svstem is an intelligent tracking system,which is compatible with 1500V system of 4groups (up to 5 groups) greatly reduces thewiring cost of pnotovoltaic power station.
4: The svstem can satisfy the north-south slopeof 20
5: Such as installation of 550W module requiresonly 157 piles per megawatt (at least 122)
6: The row spacing can reach 6.5 - 12 meters.

The iTracker system is a type of solar panel monitoring system used to track and optimise the performance of solar energy systems. It uses advanced software and hardware to collect data on solar panel performance and energy production, and provides real-time feedback and analysis to help users identify and resolve any problems or inefficiencies.

The iTracker system typically consists of several components, including sensors, data loggers and software applications. The sensors are placed on or near the solar panels to collect data on factors such as panel temperature, solar radiation and energy output. The data loggers record this information and transmit it to the software applications, which analyse the data and provide feedback and alerts to the user.

One of the key benefits of the iTracker system is its ability to identify and diagnose problems with solar energy systems in real time. By monitoring factors such as panel temperature, shading and performance, the system can detect issues such as panel damage or degradation and provide alerts for the user to take action. This can help to minimise downtime and maximise energy production, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings for the user.

Another advantage of the iTracker system is its flexibility and customisation options. The software applications can be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the user, allowing for customised reporting, alerts and analysis. In addition, the system can be integrated with other energy management systems, such as energy storage or demand response systems, to further optimise energy performance and efficiency.

In addition to its operational benefits, the iTracker system can also provide valuable insight into the long-term performance and maintenance needs of solar energy systems. By analysing data over time, the system can help users identify trends and patterns in energy production, and make recommendations for maintenance or upgrades to optimise performance and extend the life of the system.

Overall, the iTracker system is a powerful tool for optimising the performance and efficiency of solar energy systems. With its real-time monitoring, customised reporting and analysis capabilities, it can help users maximise energy production and cost savings while minimising downtime and maintenance costs.

The best solution for two-sided modules

Greater wind resistance

Better terrain adaptability

Can install 4 groups of modules


Technical Specs

Basic parameters of the system

Driving type Grooved wheel
Foundation type Cement foundation, steel pile
Installation capacity Up to 150 modules /row
Module types All types are applicable
Tracking range 土60°
Layout Vertical (two modules)
Land coverage 30-5096
Minimum distancefrom the ground 0.5m (according to project requirements)
System life more than 30 years
Protection wind speed 24m/s (according to project requirements)
Wind resistance 47m/s (according to project requirements)
Warranty period Tracking system 5 years/controlling cabinet 5 year
Implementationstandards “Steel structure design code""Building structures load code"“CPP wind tunnel test reportUL2703/UL3703,AISC360-10
ASCE7-10(according to project requirements)

Electrical system parameters

 Control mode  MCU
 Tracking accuracy  02°
 Protection grade  IP66
 Temperature adaptation  -40°C-70°C
 Power supply  AC power extraction/module power extraction
 Detection sevice  SCADA
 Communication mode  Zigbee/Modbus
 Power consumption  350kwh/MW/year

Product packaging

1:Sample packaged in one carton, sending through COURIER.

2:LCL transport, packaged with VG Solar standard cartons.

3:Container based, packaged with standard carton and wooden pallet to protect cargo.

4:Customized packaged available.


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Q1: How can I place order?

You can contact us by email about your order details, or place order on line. 

Q2: How can I pay you ?

After you confirm our PI, you can pay it by T/T (HSBC bank), credit card or Paypal, Western Union are the most usual ways we are using.

Q3: What is the package of the cable ?

The package is usually cartons, also according to customer's requirements

Q4: What is your sample policy?

We can supply the sample if we have ready parts in stock, but the customers have to pay the sample cost and the shipping cost.

Q5: Can you produce according to the samples

Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings, but it has MOQ or you need to pay the extra fee.

Q6: Do you test all your goods before delivery?

Yes, we have 100% test before delivery

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